Why You Need a Full-Service Funeral Home for Cremations in Powder Springs, GA

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Whether you are planning a traditional funeral or cremation, it is important that you choose a funeral home that provides the full range of services that are needed. Many families have unique requests for the day of the funeral. You don’t have to stick with the common plan of a funeral followed by a graveside service. Instead, consider the requirements of your family and then plan an event to match.

Our team at Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory offers the services that you need in Powder Springs, GA. We will take the time to understand your concerns and requests. Then, we will provide suggestions to ensure that you have a beautiful day to share with your family.

Cremation Options

Just because your loved one requested cremation, doesn’t mean that you need to skip the other funeral activities. In fact, the cremation is only the way the body is laid to rest. Often, people have a funeral before or after the cremation, giving family and friends an opportunity to say goodbye. A memorial or funeral is an important event so that people can feel closure after the loss.

What are the options that you should consider along with the cremation? Here are a few things that might be right for your family:

  • Embalming and Viewing: Give others the chance to see the person one more time. The body can be embalmed and prepared for a viewing. This gathering can take place before the cremation. Embalming is optional, so you can choose a direct cremation if you prefer.
  • Direct Cremation: Do you want to keep things simple? It might be better to eliminate the fluff and stick with a direct cremation. The ashes will be placed in an urn or temporary storage container so that the family can determine the best course of action after the cremation is complete.
  • Funeral with Cremation: You might choose to have a funeral at our funeral home or any location of your choice before or after the cremation. For example, funeral services can be held in your church, with the urn on display at the front of the room during the services.
  • Cemetery Burial: If you prefer to have a headstone to visit, then you might choose to have the ashes buried in the family cemetery plot. Choose the cemetery and obtain a burial plot where the ashes can be laid to rest.
  • Scattering the Ashes: A memorable way to say goodbye is to scatter the ashes. Pick a spot that was special to the person, such as a vacation destination. Or, you can create a memorial garden where the ashes are scattered.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless if you choose cremation instead of a casket burial. There is no reason why your family needs to stick with the traditional burial. Evaluate your choices and design a plan that will support the preferences of the people that you love.

Funeral Home Services for Cremations

Talk to our team, and you will see that we provide many services to support the cremation. We can offer the support that you need before and after cremation. We will talk to you about the options that are available, then provide recommendations to match your preferences.

A full-service funeral home is designed to create a memorable day based on your requests. Tell us your desires; then we will design a plan to match. We will oversee all of the details relating to your plans. There is no reason for you to worry about the logistics when you choose our company to help with the upcoming funeral.

The experience will start with a conversation to learn more about your requests. Then, we will design a custom plan to match every detail that you desire. Finally, the logistics will be managed by our company. So, you can show up to the funeral without stressing over the small arrangements that are happening behind the scenes. We can help with everything including flowers, scheduling, location, and more.

Pre-Planning a Funeral for Yourself

If you want to reduce the stress that is placed on your loved ones, then you might consider the option to pre-plan a funeral. This option is available for anyone, regardless of their current life circumstances. You can talk to our team to provide details about your requests. We will help you design a written plan that will be used after you are gone.

This option eliminates the need for your family to guess your preferences after you pass away. It is a great solution to ensure that your needs are met.

Whether you need immediate funeral services or you would like to learn about pre-planning, Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory is here to assist. Our funeral home is located at 1975 East-West Connector, Austell, GA. 30106. Call if you have questions about our services for families in Powder Springs, GA: (770) 944-2900

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