Finding a Full-Service Funeral Home for Burial or Cremations in Marietta, GA

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When you are facing the loss of a loved one, the first step is to choose a funeral home to plan the services that are needed. It can be a challenge to say goodbye to a family member, but the planning can be simplified by finding a company with many years of experience. At Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory, we offer top-notch funeral home services for residents in Marietta, GA.

During the planning phases, you need to consider the way the event will support the grieving process of the family. Grief counselors have found that a funeral or memorial is an important part of closure. So, you should plan an event that provides an opportunity for family members to say goodbye memorably.

Where can I scatter cremation ashes?

Ashes can also be kept in a columbarium or mausoleum, buried in a cemetery, kept at home, or kept in a church or other religious institution. The Federal Clean Water Act requires cremated remains to be spread at least three nautical miles from the land if they are to be strewn over water.

Why a Full-Service Funeral Home?

You need to focus on your family during this time, so you shouldn’t need to work with multiple companies to get the services that are needed. Instead of managing all of the details, it is better to find a full-service company. You will have the freedom to select traditional burial, cremations, and more, depending on the needs of your family. We will assist with the planning, then oversee all of the details on the day of the event.

Full-service means that you will have access to everything that you need to design the perfect day for your loved one. Consider their preferences and personality. Then, design a plan that supports a day they would have wanted.

The Difference in Funeral Services

We invite you to experience the difference it makes to work with a team who truly cares about your family. We have been working hard to provide the leading services in Marietta, GA, and the surrounding areas. You will see that our team focuses on the details to create healing experiences for your family and community.

We believe that a funeral should be as unique as the person. So, every event is customized to match the preferences of the family. Whether you are planning a traditional burial and funeral or a Celebration of Life with a cremation, we can provide the services that you desire.

You can celebrate the beauty of the life of that person. Recognize the choices they made and the accomplishments that were achieved. Also, give family members an opportunity to share memories and experiences that they had with the loved one.

Planning a Funeral for Someone You Love

How do you start the process to plan a funeral? The first step is to choose a funeral home in the area. Start the conversation with our team to learn more about the things that need to be done to create the ideal day for your family. We have many years of experience, so our team has dialed in the best process to ensure that you have a positive experience.

When you schedule a consultation, we will ask questions to learn about your preferences. Then, we will work together to design a plan that will match the requirements of your family. Every plan is customized in a way that highlights the unique life that you are remembering.

Traditional Funeral Services or a Unique Plan?

We offer traditional funeral services, as well as a variety of other options for you to consider. Often, a traditional funeral plan will include embalming for a viewing, followed by a service held at our funeral home or a church. Finally, the events are wrapped up with a graveside service where the casket will be laid to rest.

This funeral plan is the perfect solution for many families. But, it might not be the right answer for your preferences. Don’t assume that you need to stick with a traditional funeral for your family! Instead, use our online tool to explore the features that can be incorporated into your day.

The possibilities are endless, giving you the perfect time to create a day that you will hold in your heart forever. Our team is always happy to customize the plan according to your requests. Talk to us about your preferences, and we will work hard to accommodate.

One alternate option is to choose cremation instead of a casket burial. Cremations open up the possibilities for the final resting place. Instead of paying for a cemetery plot, you can choose to scatter the ashes somewhere. Or, you might keep the ashes in an urn in your home, so that you can keep the person nearby.

When you are planning a funeral in Marietta, GA, then you need to talk to the leading team in the industry: Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory. You will see that we offer a variety of options, including cremations. Visit our convenient location at 1975 East-West Connector, Austell, GA. 30106. Or, call if you would like to schedule a consultation to learn more: (770) 944-2900

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interactive Aftercare?

Interactive videos that explore the dimensions and dynamics of grief. There's nothing like it: online grief education with style and substance. Check it out here.

Do you offer flower arrangement services?

Yes our beautiful selection of fresh flowers evokes memories filled with fragrant comfort. Choose from our selection here.

What is the Crystal Remembrance?

The Crystal Remembrance™ is hand-crafted from the finest tempered crystal to memorialize your loved one in an elegant, yet subtly bold and unique piece of glass art. Read more about our merchandise here.

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