Funeral Home Plans: Cremations or Cemetery Burial in Lithia Springs, GA

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When you are talking to a funeral home in Lithia Springs, GA, there is one important decision that you need to make: where should the person be laid to rest? You will see that you need to choose many details of the event. But, the final resting place often feels like the biggest decision for the family.

How do you know the right place to keep the body or ashes? Here are a few things to consider when you are planning a funeral and choosing a final resting place. Keep in mind that the funeral director and other funeral home staff will be available to answer questions and assist with your decisions.

How the Body Will Be Laid to Rest

Do you want to stick with a traditional casket burial? If you are going to have the body placed in a casket and buried, then you will need to choose a cemetery for the final resting place. Pick a cemetery in the location of your choice. Then, talk to the cemetery to arrange for a plot. Not only will you need to choose the location, but you also need to select a casket and headstone design to match your preferences.

In comparison, you will have more options if you choose cremation. When a body is laid to rest as ashes, then you aren’t limited to a cemetery. Instead, you can choose any destination that makes sense for your family. Cremations open up the option to keep the ashes in your home or a memorial of your choice. Sometimes, the families use a beautiful urn for the memorial. Other times, families divide the ashes in small urns for distribution.

A beautiful option for the cremated ashes is to scatter them outside. Pick a destination that has meaning for the deceased, such as a beautiful nature park or a vacation destination. The scattering is often associated with a Celebration or Life or a small memorial at the same time. If you want to scatter the ashes while keeping the person close to home, then you might choose a memorial garden or somewhere that you can visit often.

What are the Family Traditions?

Is it important to stick with family traditions when planning a funeral? Some people find it essential to maintain the tradition that has been carried by the family for many generations. In these situations, there might be a ceremony or offering made with the cremation. Or, you might have a family burial plot where the deceased can be laid to rest near other members of the family in the cemetery.

Family traditions can also impact the funeral service as well. There might be a favorite song that is played at the funeral. Or, the funeral could be held in a church that was special for the family. There are many options available. Think about the wishes of your family, then design the funeral to match. We offer custom funeral services that can be catered to your preferences.

Benefits of Cremations

Even if cremation isn’t part of your family tradition, it is easy to see why this service might be better than burial in a casket. Choosing cremation helps to reduce the expense of the event. When you skip the cemetery burial, you can also skip the costs of a cemetery plot, casket, and headstone. On the other hand, some families want to have a cremation and cemetery burial. So, the urn is laid to rest in the family plot.

Money shouldn’t be the only factor that influences the choice for cremation. While the cheaper costs can reduce the stress on loved ones, there are other benefits of cremation as well. For example, it is nice to have the flexibility to choose the final resting place.

Some people also consider cremation to be a natural option if they are worried about environmental awareness. Reducing the body to ashes will have a smaller impact on the environment compared to burying an unnatural casket in the ground.

Customized Services with the Help of a Trusted Funeral Home

As you can see, there are many ways that you can customize these funeral services. The important thing that you need to remember is that there isn’t a right or wrong answer when planning the funeral. Instead of going with the flow by choosing a traditional burial, consider the benefits of customizing the funeral. You have the flexibility to design a plan that will match the needs of your family.

The goal of a funeral is to give people the opportunity to say goodbye and get closure in their grief. It doesn’t matter if you have a funeral, memorial, or Celebration of Life. As long as you design the day to commemorate your loved one, it will be a good experience for people in attendance.

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