Benefits of Pre-Planning Funerals and Cremations in Austell, GA

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Funeral homes in Austell GA provide a place for families to gather and say their final goodbye. The funeral home is one of many places that can help with the grieving process, such as churches and cemeteries. They offer services such as cremation, embalming, and dressing loved ones before they are put in a coffin or urn. Funerals also include viewing the body before it's buried or cremated. No matter what you do at a funeral home your loved one will be treated with dignity and respect from start to finish which is important when going through this difficult time. This blog post will go over some of the most popular types of funerals here in Austell GA so you can choose what's best for you at this sad time.

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It is often assumed that funeral planning should start when the family knows that a funeral will be taking place. But, this experience can be a stressful time for those people involved in the planning. Not only are you facing the grief and loss, but you also need to choose the details of the important day. If you are planning a funeral in Austell, GA, then it is essential that you have a trusted team to support you during this time.

Instead of waiting for the funeral to be scheduled, why not start the pre-planning process right now? Some of the decisions can be made right away, helping to simplify things when the funeral is scheduled.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy from pre-planning:

Personalize A Funeral Service in Austell, GA

Are there specific details that you want to be included in your funeral services? Some people have unique requests, such as cremation instead of a casket burial. Or, cremations can be beneficial if you want the ashes to be scattered in a location of your choice.

Pre-planning is an opportunity for you to choose the way your life will be celebrated after you are gone. You can select the details of the day. Then, our team will make sure that everything is done according to your plan.

This funeral plan can be finalized with our staff. We will hold the information on file until it is time to plan a funeral. At that point, your family can contact our funeral home, and we will set things in motion.

Which cremation service should I choose?

Cremation is a wise choice after a loved one has died but there are many options of cremation service to choose from. Direct cremation is less expensive for a budget-friendly option because it does not require a ceremony, unlike a full cremation service. It depends on your requirements for your service because this will influence your decision making.

Rational Decisions about the Funeral

When someone is facing grief and loss, it can be hard to make rational decisions about the circumstances. Often, people choose services that normally would not have been considered. They want to be sure that the day is as perfect as possible. So, it could mean that they end up spending more money than necessary.

Planning the funeral in advance is a great way to make these decisions when you are in a rational mindset. Then, only a few small decisions will need to be made when the funeral is scheduled.

Save Money on Funeral Costs

How much are you planning to spend on funeral costs? These expenses can add up quickly and put a financial burden on the family. If you are worried about the costs, then you need to talk to us about pre-planning.

Not only can you save money by making rational decisions about the plans. But, pre-planning often makes it possible to lock in the prices for the event. This step is important so that you don’t leave a large financial burden on the family after you are gone.

Minimizing the Stress of a Funeral

Stress can’t be avoided during this time. But, it can be minimized with the right plan. Instead of starting the funeral plans from scratch, family members can work with a plan that has already been finalized. It is easier to make a few small decisions rather than trying to come up with the full plan in a just a few days.

One of the reasons why stress levels go down is because you have plenty of time during the preplanning process. You can work on the details in small steps, rather than trying to crunch the decisions into a few short days. Pre-planning allows you to design a funeral when you are relaxed and at ease, instead of facing the decisions during an emotional time.

Cremation Details

Cremations open up numerous options for the final resting place. If you are considering cremation, then you should talk to our team about the services that can be completed in conjunction with the cremation. For example, you might choose a viewing and a funeral before the cremation. Or, the cremation can be done first, followed by a funeral and graveside services.

Some people find that the decision to cremate is easier when the person requests the service. If you think that cremation is right for your funeral, then you need to make your wishes known. Specify the activities that should be done with the cremation, as well as the final resting place.

Schedule a Consultation with a Funeral Home

Pre-planning is a great solution for many families. It doesn’t matter if you know that a funeral is coming up or you want to be prepared for the future. Our team is here to answer your questions and help with your pre-planning desires. Use our online tool to explore options, then talk to us to finalize your plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have personalized memorabilia for our loved ones?

Yes we have endless ideas that will help your loved one's personality shine. Check our different options here.

What are tribute videos?

Our experienced staff, with help from LifeTributes, will take your family photographs and skillfully blend them with wonderful graphic images and music to create an elegantly emotive cinematic video. More on how you can honor life here.

Do you offer grief support services?

With our online grief support you’re assured of our commitment to helping you through this difficult time. You can access online counseling services, join in group grief support, or watch our interactive videos, anytime: 24/7. Learn more about it here.

Who Can Help Me Plan a Funeral Service in Austell, GA?

Our expert staff at Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory can provide guidance and information on all aspects of planning a service. With decades in the industry, we are an invaluable resource when it comes time to make this difficult but necessary decision. Understanding that all families are unique, our team will outline each step of the process to meet your individual needs. We offer a free pre-planning session with one of our staff members to discuss what you would like for your service or memorial. We can provide information on traditional funerals, cremations and green burials too!

What to Expect During a Traditional Funeral Service in Austell, GA

The traditional funeral service in Austell, GA is an elegant and meaningful way to celebrate the lives of loved ones. The event starts with hymns that eulogize the departed while providing them peace through prayer. Additionally, there will be readings from scripture passages about death that vividly describe what happens after this life before moving on into judgement day (Hebrews 9:27-28). You may also see dynamic ministers performing movements like symbolic dances or singing songs performed using drums; these performances help attendees release pent up emotions so they can begin processing their grief at greater depths. One of the most time-honoured and beloved traditions at funerals is by far the heartfelt eulogy. Eulogies are spoken tributes to honor those who have passed, and it's a wonderful way for family and friends to connect with each other as they weave together memories that bring laughter, tears and appreciation of their loved ones.

Cost to Plan a Funeral in Austell, GA

One of the first questions you might ask when planning a funeral is how much it will cost. This answer depends on various factors, including what kind of service and burial or cremation process your family desires as well where those services take place in Austell, Georgia. You can hire a funeral director and the staff of employees necessary to see to your wishes and needs, but you will still be responsible for paying for those services and products that ensure a proper send off from this Earth beyond death. This means understanding what those costs are as well as navigating the varying options is key when finding a funeral home in Austell GA.