13 Step Cremation Process

Davis-Struempf Funeral Home & Crematory  13-step Cremation Process

We have developed the most rigorous set of operating policies and procedures in order to maximize our level of quality and minimize the potential for human error.  Throughout each stage of the cremation process, positive identification is assured.  In addition, we allow only our own certified professionals to operate our  cremation equipment. Our cremations are preformed in our funeral home so your loved one never leaves our building. If you have any questions about our procedures we would be glad to discuss it with you at your convenience.

  1. Attach an Identification tag on the deceased as soon as we return from the first call.
  2. Family identification of the deceased. (Unless refused)
  3. Take digital fingerprint of the deceased.
  4. Create Cremation check list:
    1. Full name of deceased
    2. Date of death
    3. Funeral home case #
    4. Cremation ID #
    5. County cremation permit #
    6. County of death
    7. Date & time of cremation
    8. Urn type
    9. Special requests/notes
  5. Check the cremation checklist. Included on the Checklist:
    1. Authorization signed?
    2. Has family identified the deceased?
    3. Have you taken a fingerprint?
    4. Does the family want to view the cremation?
    5. Have all items been removed that has been requested by family (jewelry, etc.)?
    6. Pacemaker removed (if applicable)?
    7. Identification tag on deceased? ID tag includes:
      1. Deceased full name
      2. Date of birth
      3. Date of death
      4. County and state of death
      5. County cremation permit #
      6. Social security #
      7. Service #
      8. Funeral Home name
      9. Disposition
    8. Cremation ID metal disc with the deceased?
    9. Have all special requests been granted?
    10. Crematory ledger filled out?
    11. Cremated remains placed in urn (selected by family)?
    12. Signed cremation certificate and notarized?
    13. Photo copy of the cremation certificate after signed and notarized?
    14. When cremains are picked is the (family specified) person getting the cremains?
    15. Cremation operators name?
    16. Cremains should be released to ______________________________
  6. After deceased is placed in cremation container, we label the container
  7. Before turning on the crematory we fill out the crematory ledger
    1. Cremation #
    2. Full Name of deceased
    3. Date of death
    4. Date & time of cremation
    5. County cremation permit #
    6. Service #
    7. Cremation technician signature
    8. Any Jewelry/personal items to be removed?
    9. Special instructions
  8. Our certified cremation technician then makes sure that the paperwork, tag, name on the cremation container and metal disc all match.
  9. Upon turning on the Retort (Crematory), we log the deceased information into the retorts computer. It is stored in the crematories computer memory and downloaded periodically into a secured location.
    1. Deceased name
    2. Cremation #
  10. The body is place in the cremation chamber along with the metal cremation disc (with their assigned cremation # on it). The cremation checklist is placed in a designated spot beside the crematory.
  11. Following the cremation, we place the cremated remains into the selected urn. The Identification tag and the metal cremation ID disc are attached with the cremated remains inside the urn.
  12. We verify the designated person selected by next of kin on the cremation authorization is the one picking up the cremated remains.
  13. We have the person (selected by the family) sign a receipt of the cremated remains.